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Does Blockchain Need Elon Musk? Fighting For Mainstream Use | Full Panel Discussion

Microsoft, LINE, Fujitsu, IBM, Oracle – Does Blockchain Need Elon Musk? Fighting For Mainstream Use

The first panel of the summit was headlined by Motoaki Nishiwaki, Microsoft Japan, Shinichiro Isago, LINE Corporation, Yasuaki Matsumoto, Fujitsu Research Institute, Masato Ohashi, Oracle Corporation Japan, Tsuyoshi Hirayama, IBM Japan, and moderated by Michimasa Naka, Founder of Boardwalk Capital.

This panel was a massive step forward for blockchain having representatives from five of the biggest corporations in Japan and the world discussing the progression of blockchain.


MICHIMASA NAKA: Founder of Boardwalk Capital – Michimasa is graduated from Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University and Graduate School of Science and Technology, Keio University with a Master of Engineering. Joined Salomon Brothers Asia Securities and joined International Fixed Income Sales. After the establishment of Joint Venture Nikko Salomon Smith Barney Inc. in 1999, took up the post of the Managing Director of Fixed Income Department. Promoted to Co-Head of Fixed Income Department in 2004 and achieved numerous records for the company. 2009 Promoted to Co-CEO of Citigroup Global Markets Japan. 2010 After resigning Citigroup Global Markets Japan, established StormHarbour Japan Ltd. and became the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Principal. 2011 Auditor of GLM Co., Ltd. (Current) 2012 Received “Most Innovative Boutique House of the Year” from Financial Times. 2014 Director of Asuka Asset Management Co., Ltd. 2014 Executive Director of eWeLL Co., Ltd. (Current) 2014 Executive Director of istyle Inc. (Current) 2014 Executive Chairman of StormHarbour Japan Ltd. 2014 Executive Director of Geniee, Inc. (Current) 2015 Executive Director of Prevent SAST Insurance Co., Ltd. (Current) 2016 Established Boardwalk Capital Inc. and became Chief Executive Officer and Representative Director Principal. (Current) 2017 Established Accelrator Inc. and became Chief Executive Officer and Representative Director Principal. (Current)

MASATO OHASHI: After joining Oracle Japan, he was responsible for business consulting centered on the manufacturing industry, project management related to data utilization, and promotion of consulting business.
After that, he was in charge of developing and promoting big data related strategic business, and is currently in charge of developing and promoting new technologies such as IoT and AI, centering on blockchains.

TSUYOSHI HIRAYAMA: Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan Hibiya Senior High School. Graduated from Tokyo University of Science , majoring in Science and Technology. Research e-commerce with the same university SunSite users. Waseda University MBA Finance. Thorough the experience of GMO Internet, Cyber ​​Agent, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Nomura Research Institute, after working on a number of large global projects as an architect and consultant atAmazon Web Services.
Since February 2016, he has been in charge of blockchain, AI, analytics and cloud in IBM technology department.
Since 2019 , he works as evangelist and chief architect at IBM digital innovation business development department which is IBM’s strategic new department.

YASUAKI MATSUMOTO: Graduated from Tokyo University. Joined Fujitsu Research Institute and working on regional activation projects such as anime collaboration. Utilize the blockchain as a token in demonstration of stamp rallies and regional currencies.

MOTOAKI NISHIWAKI: As Evangelist for Microsoft Japan in 2009. Prior to that, he was responsible for product marketing at Oracle Japan. At present, are promoting various technologies, and are promoting lecture activities and social contribution projects on blockchains.

SHINICHIRO ISAGO: Shinichiro oversees technical evangelism around Token Economy, AI and Bot communication of LINE Corporation to realize the vision of “Smart Portal” which brings innovation of lifestyle powered by latest technologies. After graduate from Tokyo Institute of Technology, he experienced several EPR projects and new business development at Oracle Japan then switched his career to the strategic consultant at Roland Berger. After that, he jumped into a startup as a lead of product marketing and went public successfully. Before joining LINE, he worked for Microsoft Japan for eight years as a technical evangelist of Azure and supported lots of innovative projects. @shin135

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