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IBM Using Blockchain Technology With Tsuyoshi Hirayama

➤ Eric interviews Digital Innovation Business Development Director of IBM Japan Tsuyoshi Hirayama.

➤ How he was introduced to blockchain and starting to recognize it as a quality technology

➤ IBM’s plans to use blockchain technology for its customers

➤ The future of blockchain and how it can be used everyday by regular people.

Guest Bio:

Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan Hibiya Senior High School. Graduated from Tokyo University of Science , majoring in Science and Technology. Research e-commerce with the same university SunSite users. Waseda University MBA Finance. Thorough the experience of GMO Internet, Cyber ​​Agent, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Nomura Research Institute, after working on a number of large global projects as an architect and consultant atAmazon Web Services.

Since February 2016, he has been in charge of blockchain, AI, analytics and cloud in IBM technology department.

Since 2019 , he works as evangelist and chief architect at IBM digital innovation business development department which is IBM’s strategic new department.

As an open technology specialist such as Sun & Oracle in the stock exchange business for about 10 years,

Familiarity with stock exchange business based on operations for development and operation of derivatives, market data, timely disclosure system, trading system etc.

As blokchain operates on the basis of specialized Internet technology and cloud computing technology which is his profession

He is familiar with both Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric technologies, focusing on smart contract compatibility and integration.

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2010 Tokyo Stock Exchange authorized technical manager (then youngest). 2013 MVP of AWS Solutions Architect 3Q.

Co-hosted by Emurgo Tokyo University of Science block chain Hackathon 2018. Waseda University Blockchain Club Owner.

Member of IBM’s Blockchain technology community.

A temporary lecturer majoring in information architecture at the University of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, assistant professor at Waseda Graduated University Business and Finance.

“Innovation technology of blockchain-Application development with Hyperledger Fabric” “Cloud infrastructure and API mechanism to be understood by pictures” “NoSQL guide for RDB engineers” “System performance mechanism to be understood by pictures” “Server / Complete infrastructure capture “etc.

Recently, joined as a Speaker at Blockchain Exe, BINARY STAR, Fintech Economy Summit 2019.

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