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Regulation That Works | Full Panel Discussion

Panel discussion on crypto regulation that the industry needs at TEAMZ Blockchain Summit.


Graduated from Fudan University Law School. Practising PRC laws for 15 years and specializing in M&A, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. Acting as the General counsel of Fenbushi Capital since 2015.

Takashi Mochizuki has extensive experience in Japanese court practice, including debt collection litigation and execution with defendants or obligors having residency in foreign countries such as U.S., China, Taiwan and New Zealand. He also plays an active role in the area of intellectual properties (mainly Copyright law). Takashi has worked as an in-house legal intern at AS America, Inc. d/b/a American Standard Brands and experienced a wide variety of legal issues. Leveraging such an experience, Takashi now provides legal advice and services on not only Japanese domestic issues but also from a global perspective. He works comfortably with clients in Japanese and English.

Mr. Yifan Chen, Chinese Lawyer, gained his master degree from Graduate School of Law of Chuo University in 2001 as an international student invited by Japan Ministry of Education, Science and Culture. He joined Broad and Bright Law Firm, Shanghai Office as Partner on Jan. 1st, 2011. Approved by Japanese Ministry of Justice and registered in Japan Federation of Bar Associations (JFBA), Mr. Yifan Chen officially began to practice in Japan as a registered foreigner lawyer (a member of Tokyo Bar Association) of Toranomon Chuo Law Firm Broad and Bright Office of Registered Foreign Lawyers (JOINT VENTURE). Mr. Yifan Chen has provided legal services for numerous Chinese enterprises and their Japanese legal entities on legal issues concerning their investments, mergers and acquisitions as well as their daily operation and management, covering industries such as manufacturing, trade, aviation, Internet, and finance etc.

“Torachu・Broad and Bright”, the JOINT VENTURE as mentioned above, a team to which Mr. Yifan Chen is belong, is capable of providing its clients with following services: legal opinions regarding to the qualifications and procedures required to engage in virtual currency exchange business in Japan, incorporation of local legal entities in Japan, registration application for virtual currency exchange operators or application for business such as mergers and acquisitions of virtual currency exchange operators. “Torachu・Broad and Bright”the JOINT VENTURE has not only a great number of Chinese lawyers who are native speakers of Chinese and permanently stationed in Japan, but also Japanese lawyers admitted to New York Bar with overseas experience, so that legal services can be offered in Chinese, Japanese and English at the same time.

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Chinese Investor Says Opportunity In Southeast Asia For Crypto | Interview Du Jun


Eric interviews Chinese crypto investor Du Jun from Node Capital. They discuss:

➤ Investments Du Jun has made since TEAMZ summit in Tokyo

➤ His reaction to the price increases in different cryptocurrencies

➤ His predictions for Bitcoin in the future

➤ His stance on investing in Southeast Asia

Guest Bio

Jun Du is the founding partner of Node Capital, founder of Jinse Finance, and co-founder of several top blockchain companies, such as Chainup, Hiwa, JohnWick Sec. He is one of the earliest professional investors to invest in Blockchain industry. He had worked at well-known Internet companies, Tencent and Discuz, and cofounded the cryptocurrency exchange platform, Huobi. With professional knowledge, great experience and industry resources, he is good at marketing operation and enterprise incubation. The invested blockchain projects have more than two hundreds.

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Blockchain Blog Terms

What is a Distributed Ledger Technology?


The term ‘distributed ledger’ has been thrown around too many times around blockchain conversations. Many people consider blockchain technology and distributed ledger as one and the same thing. This is technically not true although the two are related. So, what is a distributed ledger? The answer lies in this article.

I will begin our journey into distributed ledgers by looking at what a ledger is. A ledger is simply a record of related data. It has existed for as long as the societies became complex and required a bookkeeping system to keep track of important economic activities.

Ledgers existed on paper until computers became accessible in the 1980s and 1990s. There was a transition from paper ledger to digital ones. The majority of the new digital ledgers were simply digitized versions of what previously existed on paper.

Since the beginning of time, a single…

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Asia Blockchain Summit Coming in July, First 1000 Onsite Registrants on 7/2 Gets Ledger Wallet ABS Limited Edition


Asia Blockchain Summit 2019 (ABS 2019) announced its collaboration with the world-famous hardware wallet company Ledger, who will sponsor 1000 ABS Limited Edition Ledger Wallets based on the classic Ledger Nano S that’s worth $200 to participants of ABS2019. Through the world-class platform of ABS2019, the collaboration is expected to raise global crypto industry’s awareness to asset security.

Asia Blockchain Summit 2019 , the biggest blockchain event in Asia, will take place in Taipei, Taiwan on July 2-3, expected to attract over 5,000 blockchain industry elites and over 300 top companies worldwide. Apart from the main agenda, a huge amount of visitor flow and activities held by different companies will also liven up the whole week, making it a non-stop event of “Taipei Blockchain Week”.

The main activity of ABS 2019 contains two important parts:…

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“Blockchain Has Been Overshadowed By Bitcoin” | Interview TAN SRI LEE KIM YEW


Eric interviews the founder and chairman of The Mines Resort Bhd and Country Heights Holdings Bhd, Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew. This discuss:

➤ His outlook on blockchain and cryptocurrency

➤ The future of blockchain in Malaysia

➤ How blockchain will impact the growth of Southeast Asia

➤ The new blockchain hub being built in Malaysia

Guest Bio

Considered ‘the godfather’ of The Mines Resort and Country Heights Holdings, he has enabled his businesses to grow and diverge into a wide range of sectors including health and education. While some deem him a social butterfly, Tan Sri is actually a family man who enjoys the comforts of home.

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TEAMZ Blockchain Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


The “Asia TEAMZ Blockchain Summit”, organized by TEAMZ and LEGNACAP, co-hosted by HUOBI Global, JINSE Finance, COINTIME, SoarEX and HOSTASTAY was held successfully on June 13th at the Sunway Pyramid Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The Malaysian governors, managers from local listed companies, local funds, Investment banks, experts and the scholars from Japan, US, China, South Korea, the Philippine, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and the cutting edge projects from Blockchain all came together to discuss controversial topics and the overall trend in the industry. The objective is to lay the foundation to the future development of blockchain in South East Asia.

The Opening speech was delivered by the TianYu Yang, CEO of TEAMZ. Following after the Keynote speeches and Roundtable discussions.

TEAMZ INC is an organization provides key strategies to incubate and accelerate startups in the blockchain industry. The…

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